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Del Mar Solar Info

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Uncover what many Del Mar homeowners did to save some cash on solar!

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Going Solar in Del Mar?

California’s solar discount plan is available in San Diego County. The California Solar Initiative’s goal is to realize 3,000MW of new solar energy systems sooner than 1/1/17.

Take into account, the large majority of individual solar panels are producing close to 200 watts each. This is why, if you install 5 solar panels, you have got a 1 kilowatt (kw) solar system. A large number of Calfornians who install solar panels plan for between 5kw and 15kw individual panelsto get rid of the homes power company bill permanently!

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Del Mar funfact: Del Mar is Spanish for “of the sea”and was designated in 1885, with visions of building a seaside resort for the rich and famous.

Del Mar Solar Facts

Over 150 solar rebates have already been claimed by Del Mar to average in excess of $4,363 per solar system in 2014.

Over $654,405 of solar incentives were secured throughout #city to minimise the prices for around $5,639,529 of new solar power products.

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Del Mar Solar Net Metering Explained

Net Metering involves your area utility to check exactly how much power your homes solar energy system generates and the volume of energy you really consume, and ensure you obtain credit for the additional electricity that you provide back to their grid. California has fantastic net metering guidelines that ensure that energy minded people get credit for 100% on the electricity their solar system feeds to the grid, whether or not the solar energy they provide is much more than their consumption. At the end of the year, the electric company is required to buy from you the retail price for all the surplus energy you give directly into the power company. Be Eco Friendly and Earn Money with Solar!!!

Del Mar Solar installs ways to save including ZERO DOWN!

Del Mar Solar Power Tax Credits

Elements of of your solar energy purchase will probably satisfy the requirements for tax ’credits’ to help you save you much more! Determined by your annual tax bill, solar tax credits could be included all at one time or portions might be carried over to next year. So that would mean solar tax credits are yet another essential factor to think about. Generally in most scenarios, state solar tax credits can provide an incredibly powerful motivator for someone to install solar panels.

(Remember that, we are not tax advisors and give no tax advice so please make sure to seek the advice of an expert prior to acting on anything we are saying involving taxes.)

Del Mar Specific Solar Info