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Going Solar in San Diego?

San Diego homeowners can benefit from quite a few incentives for purchasing qualified solar systems. The CSI’s objective is to create 3,000MW of new solar powered energy before Jan. 1, 2017.

Take into consideration, a large percentage of solar panels are rated at roughly 200 watts. That’s why, once you deploy 5 PV solar panels, you have a 1 kilowatt (kw) solar system. A large number of Calfornians who install a solar system require between approximately 5kw and 15kw solar panel arraysto permanently reduce the whole electric bill.

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San Diego funfact: The original inhabitants of San Diego are now known as the San Dieguito and La Jolla people.

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San Diego solar installation credits have been around
$2,358 per system and covered in excess of 7% of the overall expense on more than 336 solar arrays in the last 12 months.

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San Diego Solar Net Metering Explained

Net Metering mandates your utility company to watch what amount of renewable energy your solar energy systems provides and the volume of electricity you actually receive, and ensure you obtain credit for the surplus electricity that you transmit back to the utility wires outside of your house. San Diego has fantastic net metering policies that ensure that customers get credit for 100% on the electric power their solar install feeds to the grid, whether or not the solar energy they supply is far more than their usage. At the end of the year, your company must pay out the full retail price for all surplus energy you give straight into the grid. Be Eco Friendly and Make Money with Solar!!!

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San Diego Solar Power Tax Credits

Certain parts of your solar power transaction could satisfy the requirements for tax ’credits’ towards saving you alot more! Solar power tax credit aren’t ‘deductions’ so they really can be a very beneficial way for you to justify your property investment in solar panels. Make sure you consider your tax advantage in addition to your properties increased value when factoring your financial benefits for installing solar. For San Diego homeowners, California tax credits make buying solar both smart and economical.

(We aren’t tax gurus and give no tax advice. Take advice from your trusted tax advisors to find out about your economic rewards for going solar.)

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