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Going Solar in San Diego?

Should you wish to put in solar at your house in San Diego keep reading for details. The Initiative’s objective is to help create 3,000MW of new solar energy systems sooner than 1/1/17.

Keep in mind, the large majority of solar cells are rated at roughly 200 watts. For this reason, when you put in 5 solar panels, you’ve got a solar array that is qualified at1 kilowatt (kw) solar electric system. If space allows, Calfornians who install a solar system elect any where from 5 kilowatt and 15 kilowatt solar cells totalto eliminate the homes utility bill permanently!

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San Diego funfact: The original inhabitants of San Diego are now known as the San Dieguito and La Jolla people.

Why Should You Buy Solar Panels In San Diego?

San Diego solar installation credits have been above
$2,798/install saving San Diego homes more
than 10% of the overall expense on over 311 PV
solar projects in 2014. Last year $870,326 was
awarded throughout #city to offset the actual price on in excess of $8,715,716 of new
solar panel technology solutions.

Far more San Diego home-owners are going to “Move to solar w/ no money out of pocket” thanks to property appraisal amounts increasing to more than $462K.

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San Diego Solar Net Metering Explained

Net Metering mandates your area electric company to observe the amount of power your homes solar power platform yields and the level of energy you normally receive, and be sure you get recognition for the extra electricity that you distribute back to their grid. California has superb net metering policies that assure that energy minded homeowners get credit for 100% on the electrical energy their system generates, even when the solar energy they supply is a lot more than their usage. At the end of the year, the company is required to buy from you the full retail price level for any surplus energy you supply directly back to the grid. Be Environmentally Friendly and Earn Money with Solar!!!

San Diego Solar installs ways to save including ZERO DOWN!

San Diego Solar Power Tax Credits

Many parts of your solar power investment will probably satisfy the requirements for tax credit to help you to save you lots more! Solar ‘credits’ are not deductions which means that if you possess the right to take advantage of them, chances are they can be a whole credit amount off of your taxed owed rather than a small percentage of the valuation of your system. Be sure to think about your tax benefits along with your properties additional value when factoring your financial benefits for installing solar panels. Generally in most types of conditions, state solar tax credits will provide an incredibly impressive incentive for someone to install solar panels.

(We aren’t tax pros and provide no tax advice. Take advice from your trusted tax professionals to figure out your economic rewards for installing solar.)

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