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EnergySanDiego.com makes it simple to “go solar” by managing the whole process from start to finish so that you can install solar panels on your San Diego County home with confidence. Before you sign a single order, we provide detailed technical and financial models of your project so that you have the information needed to make a wise investment. Once you are ready to proceed, your solar expert will maximize your financial incentives and provide turnkey project management including all rebate paperwork, utility agreements, installation and inspections.


  • Empower individuals to make a switch to clean energy for powering their home, business, or institution
  • Reduce our dependence on carbon based fuels such as oil and coal.
  • Accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies so as to minimize the impacts on the global economy
  • Reduce the effects of global climate change
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals (employees and customers) that are passionate about these issues to make a tangible impact on the energy usage of the communities in which we live

How much money can a solar roof make you in San Diego?

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