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Solar Incentives for Escondido home-owners. California put into law the California Solar Initiative (“CSI”) to promote the installation of solar power. The CSI’s target is to help create 3,000 MegaWatts of new solar powered energy sooner than 1/1/17.

Take into account, most residential solar panels are producing about 200 watts on average. That’s why, if you deploy 5 solar panels, you will have a 1 kilowatt (kw) solar system. If space allows, Calfornians who put in a solar system choose any where from 5kw and 15kw solar power gridsto completely do away with the homes utility bill.

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Escondido funfact: Escondido was first settled by the Luise

Escondido Solar Info

Escondido solar credits averaged
around $3,069 per project saving homeowners over 8% of the overall expense on over
321 solar arrays in 2014. Escondido real-estate values increased to in excess of $389,000 to help more people be eligible for $0 down” solar installs last year.

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Escondido Solar Net Metering Explained

Net Metering mandates your utility company to check exactly how much electricity your solar power system generates and exactly how much electrical energy you actually receive, and be certain you receive the right amount for the surplus electricity that you transfer back to the utility wires outside of your house. Escondido has good net metering policies that ensure that property owners get credit for ALL on the power their system generates, even when the solar energy they supply is much more than their usage. At the end of the year, your company needs to pay out the full retail price for any surplus energy you give directly into the grid. Be Eco-friendly and Earn Money with Solar Panels!!!

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Escondido Solar Power Tax Credits

We will always advise you to consult your Tax Pro or CPA exclusively to focus on tips about how solar energy tax ’credits’ relate to your own Escondido solar panel install. Solar power tax ’credits’ are not ‘deductions’ so they can be a very beneficial option to offset your investment decision in solar farm. So that would mean solar tax credits will be an important thing to keep in mind. In a number of circumstances, state tax credits can offer an exceptionally powerful reward for someone to purchase solar.

(We are not tax gurus and give no tax advice. Seek advice from your trusted tax advisors to determine your economic rewards for going solar.)

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