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Sorrento Valley Solar Info

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Going Solar in Sorrento Valley?

California’s solar energy discount program covers Sorrento Valley homeowners. The CSI’s goal is to create 3,000MW of new solar powered energy before Jan. 1, 2017.

Take into consideration, the majority of residential solar panels are producing roughly 200 watts on average. For this reason, once you put in 5 solar panels, you have a 1 kilowatt (kw) solar electric system. If space allows, Calfornians who choose to go with solar panels plan for anywhere between 5 kilowatt and 15 kilowatt solar panel arraysto get rid of their power company bill for good!

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Sorrento Valley funfact:

Why Install Solar Panels In Sorrento Valley?

Sorrento Valley solar installation rebates were
higher than $3,557/system and covered higher than 12% of the overall expense on more than
42 solar improvements last year.

Over $149,413 of solar rebates were declared in Sorrento Valley to greatly reduce the prices on in excess of $1,273,716 of brand new solar panel technology products.

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Sorrento Valley Solar Net Metering Explained

Net Metering needs your area utility to keep track of what amount electrical power your solar power system creates and the volume of grid electric power you actually consume, and be sure you obtain the right amount for the excess electricity that you deliver back to their grid. Sorrento Valley has terrific net metering guidelines that make certain that energy minded people get credit for 100% of the electricity their solar install produces, even if the solar power they provide is much more than their usage. At the end of the year, the electric company must give you the retail price level for all the surplus energy you give straight back to the power company. Be Environmentally Friendly and Save Money with Solar Panels!!!

Sorrento Valley Solar installs ways to save including ZERO DOWN!

Sorrento Valley Solar Power Tax Credits

A little more about state solar energy tax credits: State tax ’credits’ are not technically easy to understand. Solar tax credits aren’t ‘deductions’ so they really really are a highly effective strategy to quantify your investment decision in green-energy. Make sure that you consider your tax benefits along with your properties enhanced valuation when considering your financial benefits for installing solar. For Sorrento Valley home-owners, California tax ’credits’ make installing solar both smart and economical.

(Keep in mind, we are not tax pro’s and offer no tax advice so take the time to consult a professional prior to acting on anything we are saying regarding taxes.)

Sorrento Valley Specific Solar Info