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EnergySanDiego.com, Inc. was founded with a mission to deliver cost effective clean energy solutions to residential and commercial solar seekers in San Diego. With decades of experience in the solar energy industry and electrical power solutions, we are well equipped to serve you.  EnergySanDiego.com brings together an intimate knowledge of solar technology and incentives combined with creative financing mechanisms to deliver a solar solution that will meet your energy goals and save you money. We are committed to your satisfaction.


  • Empower individuals to make a switch to clean energy for powering their home, business, or institution
  • Reduce our dependence on carbon based fuels such as oil and coal.
  • Accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies so as to minimize the impacts on the global economy
  • Reduce the effects of global climate change
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals (employees and customers) that are passionate about these issues to make a tangible impact on the energy usage of the communities in which we live

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Truly San Diegans

EnergySanDiego.com is a San Diego group of eco-minded energy conservation specialists who are passionate about helping our members make smart choices to select the right solar energy solutions and reduce their energy consumption using cost effective technologies.  We are San Diegans, and we know California’s towns, building styles, codes, regional incentives and regulations to help you put solar energy solutions in your home.

We Explain Your Solar Payment Options

Once we have answered any questions that you might have and you have selected the right solar solutions for your home, our specialists will provide you with a clear, side-by-side comparisons on all purchasing and financial options – from equity financing to San Diego’s HERO and PACE no-money-down solar installation options to outright cash purchases.

No-pressure Consultations

You are a smart homeowner and you are only going to install solar on your home if the products and pricing are backed up by great service and warranties.  Our specialists will take the time to thoroughly explore your unique energy opportunities and help your plan your conversion from “The Grid” towards a clean and renewable solar energy solution all at once or in stages if you prefer. We provide relaxed and informative, personalized consultations. We have many years of experience in solar power, plus engineering, construction and contracting expertise – if you have a question about your project, we can and will be happy to answer it.

How much money can a solar roof make you in San Diego?

Why wait? Profit from your roof space, find local deals on smart solar solutions in San Diego, reduce or eliminate your power bill and join the solar revolution!