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ALERT: Solar Tax Credit of 30% is set to expire on 12/31/15 deadline.  Solar Permits can take months in certain areas

Imagine Collecting Your Own Solar Energy.

You’ll be delighted by huge savings on your electric bills and reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Solar is one of the best financial and environmental investments you can make. Solar Incentives assure that everyone can afford solar. Own your system outright or pay NO money to install. You will understand ALL of your financing options before committing to an installation.  [Read more…]

Solar panels are installed on your roof and convert the energy of the sun into Direct Current or DC energy.

Inverters convert the solar energy to Alternating Current or AC energy to power your home.

Other Components: Conduit and wiring will conduct the AC electricity from the inverter to your existing… [Read more…]

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Finally!  San Diego’s Solar Experts will get you the right permits, zero-down home solar installations PLUS warranties so you can put the sun to work and save on your monthly energy bill.

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We got a great deal on Solar Panels and our representative Thomas blew us away with his knowledge about Residential Solar and more!  Thank you!

La Jolla, CA (Solar Home)06 March 2015

Glad we found you!

We met 4 other solar companies before finding you.  We went with American Made Solar Panels instead of problematic others.  Thank you!

Encinitas, CA (Solar Home)15 March 2015

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